Cleanse days, commonly termed “intermittent fasting” by researchers, are nutritionally supported fast days. Rather than feeling run down or devoid of energy after cleansing, Isagenix cleanse days are designed to boost nourishment, increase energy, and boost well-being. While weight loss is the most obvious benefit of nutritional cleansing, there are many other benefits to enjoy.

By consistently following Cleanse Days, you can support your metabolism, burn fat more efficiently, and support your body’s natural cleansing system. Whether you are hoping to lose weight or just boost your health, Isagenix Cleanse days offer a host of benefits. Read on to learn the top 7 benefits of nutritional cleansing.


1. Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Practicing cleanse days on a regular basis can help fine tune your metabolism. When you participate in a cleanse day, it causes the body to become more sensitive to insulin’s actions. This helps support normal blood sugar levels.

2. Burn More of the Harmful Type of Fat

During the fasting process, the body utilises stored fat as a form of energy. As if this isn’t enough of a reason to include cleanse days as part of your routine, Isagenix cleanse days have been shown to help reduce visceral fat. This type of fat, which surrounds the internal organs, is strongly correlated to poor health.

3. You Help Boost Your Body’s Own Cleansing System

Eating on a frequent basis provides your body with a constant flow of energy and nutrients. This abundant approach encourages your cells to stay in “growth mode”. However, cleanse days allow your body to rest and proceed with its own natural rejuvenation and cleansing processes. Nutritional cleansing also helps activate numerous systems inside cells that stimulate autophagy, a process that breaks down old cells into their basic components and recycles them. Cleanse days allow autophagy to get to work cleaning up worn out parts in your cells.

4. You Nourish and Fuel Your Body with Healthy, Cleansing Ingredients

Isagenix cleansing provides a unique way to undergo nutritionally supported fasting. Depending on your approach, a typical Isagenix Cleanse Day involves replacing all your food with Nourish for Life. This delicious shake, a staple in the Isagenix program, is rich in phytonutrients that help nourish the body and support its natural detoxification process.

As opposed to cleanses that rely on laxatives or simply avoiding food altogether, Nourish for Life fuels the body with antioxidants and vitamins. In addition to naturally removing toxins from the body, it replaces them with essential nutrients to leave you feeling lighter, more energetic, and healthier.

5. You Support Cognitive Health

Along with sustained weight loss support, researchers have found that subjects experience noticeable improvements in memory when they practice fasting. Also, subjects that underwent fasting showed an increased in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), an important marker of cognitive function.

6. You Give Your Immune System a Boost

Along with giving your intestinal tract a chance to repair itself, drinking extra water on cleanse days helps flush impurities and toxins out of your kidneys. Cleanse days also help boost the metabolism and remove harmful impurities from the fat cells. This helps aid in the weight loss process. All these benefits combine to help boost the immune system and allow it to reach peak performance.

7. You Improve the Quality of Your Skin and Hair

Supplements rich in vitamins, protein, and antioxidants nourish the body and help it look its best. Isagenix products supply the body with the building blocks it needs to maintain healthy hair and skin. Using quality supplements and nutritional cleansing helps naturally support the skin’s regeneration from the inside out.