Isagenix Snacks

Curb your cravings with delicious snacks. A core part of shake & cleanse days.

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Isagenix Snacks

(30 servings per bottle)
Isagenix Snacks are designed to provide a nutritious, delicious, hunger-curbing chocolate treat. Along with the convenience of being able to enjoy these treats on the go, Isagenix Snacks are also:

  • Satisfying and tasty
  • A perfect partner for Cleanse Days
  • High in top-quality protein but low in calories
  • Fortified with ionic alfalfa to offer mineral support
  • Helpful for fighting hunger pangs and cravings
  • Helpful for promoting the growth of lean muscle
  • Free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, or fillers

Ideal for Cleanse Days

Isagenix Cleanse Days can certainly poes a challenge if hunger or cravings are setting in. Fortunately, Isagenix Snacks are the ideal solution for fighting off hunger and cravings in a healthy, guilt-free way. With only 15 calories per serving, these chewable treats are packed with protein and will help you stay satisfied while crushing temptations.

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Energy Fueling Carbohydrates

Along with premium protein, Isagenix Snacks provide healthy carbohydrates to provide energy. They also offer flax seeds and fiber to help promote healthy digestions and a natural energy boost.


Download the Isagenix Snacks™: Chocolate Flavour

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Isagenix Snacks
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