Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle

Consuming protein prior to sleeping can have a positive effect on your metabolic rate and help you burn belly fat.

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How Can This Bundle Help You?

This bundle will help you feel more full and satisfied. It combines IsaPro, Ionix Supreme and IsaMove to help satisfy late-night cravings in a healthy way; setting you up to burn stubborn belly fat and reach your health and weight loss goals.

The Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle can assist you by:

  • Helping improve your quality of sleep
  • Encouraging fat burning
  • Helping boost your metabolic rate
  • Satisfying your late-night cravings in a healthy way

How Does It Achieve This?

Boost Metabolism and Help Burn Fat

Consuming high-quality protein before bedtime may help support muscle growth, assist in healthy weight loss, and support a healthy metabolism.

Sleep Better

The Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle includes Ionix Supreme, a product designed to assist in achieving a restful night of sleep (a key for successfully losing weight).

Satisfy Nighttime Cravings

Instead of sweet treats or junk food at night, reach for this healthy alternative instead! It’s still just as satisfying, but can also help you reach your goals.


To view each product’s ingredients, download the PDFs below:

  1. IsaPro
  2. Ionix Supreme
  3. IsaMove


Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle
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