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Why These 5 Pro Athletes Use and Recommend Isagenix

What is Team Isagenix?

Team Isagenix consists of 100s of professional athletes and fitness competitors that use Isagenix products. Each has a unique story (you can view some of them here).


Athletes That Use Isagenix

We’ve showcased 5 athletes that use the Isagenix products. Here’s why they choose Isagenix.

1. Angelike Norrie

Angelike Norrie, a 5-time fitness cover model from Scottsdale, AZ, spent her pre-fitness days working 60 hours a week as a sales executive. Upon deciding that she had had enough with the cooperate world, she said goodbye to her desk job and went on to earn three fitness titles and appear on multiple magazine covers.

Why Isagenix?

Even though Angelike ate clean and was smart about her dietary choices, she was still looking to further her results. Upon adopting Isagenix products into her routine, she never looked back. She states that Isagenix products help her feel more energetic and balanced so she can compete at the highest level.

2. Trevor Hairston

As a Musclemania Physique Pro Champion from Plainville, CT, Trevor Hairston has graced the stage numerous times for events such as the Fitness New Englan Championships and Fitness Universe. At the Model-Universe New England, he took first place. He is also a father, a START group member, and is successfully growing his own Isagenix business. He uses his experience and fitness expertise to help others reach peak physical shape using Isagenix as their nutritional foundation.

Why Isagenix?

After experiencing a back injury, exercise was no longer an option for Trevor. He was desperate to find a way to recover and regain his health. He was introduced to Isagenix products by his friend Keith and quickly came to appreciate the results and high-quality ingredients. His quick success motivated him to introduce his older brother, Aaron, to Isagenix products.

3. Jason Pohl

Jason Pohl, a Professional Ironman Triathlete from Calgary, AB, played hockey until he was 21 years old. Looking to take up another sport, he began racing triathlons at age 22. Since then, he’s been racing in the half and full Ironman races. Soon, he’ll begin racing as a full-time professional Ironman triathlete.

Why Isagenix?

Jason says it is no surprise that “Isagenix is growing at a very strong rate among elite athletes”. He adds, “when it comes to getting to the next level” and reaching the highest potential, nutrition plays a crucial role. As a business builder and athlete, Jason enjoys knowing he is fueling his body “with the best nutrition”.


4. Kerri Schuh

Kerri Schuch, a Professional Beach Volleyball Player from Appleton, WI, enjoyed a successful college career during her time at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
As one of UWM’s most decorated players, she ranked in the top five in blocks and kills in the school’s history. After five seasons, Kerri moved on from her college career to professional indoor volleyball, playing for the Premier Volleyball League for the Wisconsin Badger Blizzards. Currently, she has her eyes set on the 2020 Olympics. When she isn’t competing or training, she enjoys spending her time coaching youth players.

Why Isagenix?

Wanting to progress to a professional career, Kerri knew she needed to find a way to boost her energy levels. Upon discovering Isagenix, she found both an increase in energy and an amazing support system. As a coach and role model to young kids, Kerri strives to demonstrate the importance of health. Kerri adds that Isagenix gives “the nutrition we need to make our health a priority.”

5. Rita Catolino

Rita Catolino, a lifestyle coach, cover model, motivational speaker, and fitness columnist from London, ON, first began transforming her life upon the arrival of her newborn daughter. She recalls noticing a “trend of being overweight” in her family members and wanted to avoid passing it on to her daughter.

Why Isagenix?

Rita took interest in Isagenix products after having positive results with the 30-day system. Upon her success, she began sharing Isagenix products with her clients. She calls Isagenix “the perfect tool for my toolbox”.