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10 Tips for Getting Back on the Healthy Eating Track

Have you overindulged lately? Are you feeling tired and sluggish? If you have been digging into the office treats more than you’d like, snacking too much before bed, or skimping on exercise, you might be feeling like it’s time for a nutritional reset.

If you’re looking to regain your energy and get back on a healthy eating track, here are 10 helpful tips to get you started.

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1. Cut Yourself Some Slack

If you are feeling upset and beating yourself up for eating too much of a certain food or not working out enough, now is the time to forgive yourself. Indulging is a normal part of life and it does not mean you “failed”. Showing yourself compassion, sympathy, and understanding will have a far more positive impact than berating yourself and feeling guilty over past choices.

2. Find the Hidden Beauty in Your “Failures”

As odd as it may sound, be grateful if you have slipped up a bit in terms of healthy eating. Accept that you were not loving to your body and learn from it. Any time you find yourself feeling hard on yourself or guilty over what you ate, it can be a significant teaching moment. Take a look at what kind of stress you were facing when you ate that junk food, how to carve out time for exercise, and how to deflect late night eating. Your past slip-ups can give you the tools you need to be successful and healthy in the future.

3. Forget Perfection

Expecting perfection can actually lead to just the opposite in terms of nutrition. Individuals with junk food or sugar addictions often expect perfection and then beat themselves up when they don’t achieve it. Once you realize perfection isn’t possible, it can be liberating. We are all human and it is natural to make mistakes now and then.

4. Commit to Growth

Once you realise the areas you need to work on, dedicate yourself to growing and improving. Commit to positive changes, let go of the idea of perfection, and move forward. Don’t let small mistakes become huge slipups. Learn from mistakes and keep pushing forward with a positive, determined attitude.

5. Pay Attention to the Negative

Next time you are feeling sluggish from too much junk food or too little exercise, take a mental note of what you are going through and the kind of sensations you are experiencing. Consider keeping a diary to keep track of your physical, spiritual, and emotional reactions. Maybe you will discover that your irritability, fatigue, brain fog, or headaches are a direct result of unhealthy dietary choices. Studying yourself in this way can help give you the motivation to avoid veering off track next time you are tempted.

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6. Focus on Your Desires

Once you have identified how your slip-ups harm you, accepted your humanity, and appreciated your failures, it’s time to determine what you want.

If you deeply desire more energy, a slimmer physique, stronger muscles, a toned body, increased mental capacity, and a love for yourself, recognize the importance of eating healthy and staying active in achieving your goals. Zero in on the benefits that healthy eating has to offer for your spiritual, emotional, and physical state.

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7. Put Together a Vision Board

Once you decide exactly what your goals are, it may be helpful to illustrate your desires. This can be done by creating a vision board, a place where you post inspiring words, phrases, images, and photos that remind you of your goals and how to achieve them.

Try to look at your vision board daily to keep you motivated and excited. Studies even show that writing down your goals can get you closer to reaching them.

8. Create a Mantra and Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Until you get back on track and even while you are striving to get there, it can be helpful to come up with a mantra or positive affirmation that you repeating often throughout your day. You can say it to yourself while working out, before a meal, or while cleaning the house.

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9. Outline a Plan You Look Forward to Following

As you get ready to eat to fuel your body and stay active, it can be extremely helpful to outline what you are going to eat and when you will eat it. This takes the guesswork out of eating and can help you stay on track.

It is recommended to have a mix of healthy fats, healthy carbs such as low-sugar fruits and veggies, and protein at each meal. This combination can help keep you satisfied and fend off cravings. An example would be a piece of sprouted toast spread with avocado, some carrot sticks, and a boiled egg.

Isagenix shakes also make convenient, balanced meal options full of muscle-building protein and nutrients. Try to come up with meals that are both delicious and healthy. The more you enjoy what you eat, the less deprived you will feel. This will help keep you excited about the way you eat and the track you are on.

10. Consider a Cleanse Day

An Isagenix Cleanse Day can be an easy, convenient, delicious way to reset your body and get you back on track with healthy eating habits. Along with fueling your body with protein and nutrients, Isagenix Cleanse Days help optimise your body’s natural cleansing process.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the most important part of getting back on track with healthy eating is being gentle and forgiving to yourself. Focus on how great you will feel – happier, healthier, more energetic, better mood – if you stick with healthy, fiber-rich, protein-rich foods that are bursting with nutrients. Remember that giving up junk food and sugar and sticking to regular exercise will lead to a happier, more meaningful, more fulfilling, healthier life.